Saturday, June 19, 2010

Slip Clutches and Stepping Motors

Day to day life we often us electric goods like miniature clutches, brakes and stepping motors. The slip clutches are placed in these electric goods. They are mechanical slip clutches, pneumatic clutch, one way clutches, toothed jaw clutches and polyvolt motors. In slip clutches operation, applications, mounting operation and part number identification are included. Mechanical slip clutches items are series 16 slippers, slippers and slip-Ease. Items in pneumatic slip clutches are slip-Aire. In one way clutches hub paks and shell paks is included. Toothed jaw clutches has 2 operators. D series and J series are knob operated and lever operated respectively. Polyvolt motors are sub-fractional horsepower, geared and un-geared and application motor. Gortite’s manufacturing goods are protective covers, Roll up doors, cable and hose carriers. Protective covers are bellows, roll up covers, telescopic steel covers and engineered assemblies, way wipers and special applications products. Polyclutch is a company lead for 50 years as a power transmission industry. For the past years it had a successful developed motion control systems that coined single clutch product s. for our power transmission and motion control needs they offered “one stop shopping”. For our specific application the engineers works with us. Polyclutch’s results there process in static friction which is lower than the dynamic friction.