Monday, June 28, 2010

Mobile Advertising

      Hi friends,
                     Presently we are in the world of technology. Many latest innovations has taken place, among them SDK is one of it. By using SDK application developers and publishers can download and install the network ads for Apple iphone Os device. Such a wonderful SDK is presented by Admob for advertisers as well as publishers. The latest SDK has the ability to support both text title ads and image ads with IAB standard ad size like 300x250, 728x90 and 468x60. Even MobGold, InMobi and Smaato are launching mobile advertising platform for ipad.

      Next coming to Zip Beta, Smaato is the mobile ad optimization which has released a SDK for ipad and mobile website. It has best features like rice media banner, Mobile associations mobile ad formats. In OS 4.0 we can see many more excellent features for ipad. ISOMA is available with functions like multitasking and background. With the help of this smaato, free download and registration is available with ISOMA for ipad. 

      As we all know that Medialets is famous in media ad and analytics for mobile apps. They have recently joined with Mojiva. They believe that partner ship with mojiva would help them in the growth of mobile rich media. A great demand from client increases not only the CPM's but it also increases the connection with consumers which can lead them to the great profit.  Many of the famous publishers like Google, facebook, fox and many other have started using this mobile content to satisfy the users.

      Thus, i hope it is very flexible to use this MobGold in this mobile advertising field. They are even planning to launch sms and mobile email advertising for advertising agencies and telecommunication companies. They are the leaders in the world of mobile advertising.