Friday, June 4, 2010

Best SIM Card For GSM Mobiles

      Mobile is an electronic device through which we can communicate with each other from one place to another. Basically every mobile phone needs a sim card and it consists of various offers and discount. When we go abroad the call charges or text messages for both incoming as well as outgoing becomes very expensive. But now United World Telecom has introduced a Global SIM card which can reduce the call rates while travelling abroad. This roaming SIM card is a small chip placed inside your gsm mobile phones. It can be operated in more then 175 countries and receiving calls are free in 60 countries. They have 4 packages with different offers.

      Next coming to international SIM cards, there are 4 packages i.e.., Basic, Value pack, Premium, Ultimate. It has a feature like free incoming calls and sms in 60 countries and US & UK numbers are available. Now you can get phone alone with sim card, its a special offer provided by them.

      By using France SIM card you can reduce the call rates within France and save your money. I hope this is an excellent service provided by them and you can save upto 90% on the calls while going abroad. You can use their live chat or toll free number 001-561-276-7156 for any queries.