Thursday, May 20, 2010

Best Performance Ethernet Switches

    I have an interesting information today to share with you all. Blade network is one of the technologies which offer network fabrics for high performance. Blade provide us the 1 and 10 Gigabit Ethernet switch with great capability. Best price performance for this Ethernet switches are under $500/ port. They even provide the warranty including the software updates. They have added the intelligence to make it more secure, scalability, manageability.

You can even embed these switches to HP, IBM and NEC blade server system. High performance computing strike between constant operational improvement and sound financial decision making. They provide excellent customer service by giving a small form in their site by which we can get the solution to our question. They provide us the great service by 26 different industry segment, representing an installed base of 310,000 network switches, 7.9 million switch ports and connecting more then 1,800,000 servers worldwide. Ethernet switches has been installed in 350 of the fortune 500. It is used in many places like Apparel, Automotive, Insurance, Military/Defense and travel & tourism and many more.... If you have any queries then you can fill the form that is present in their site. I hope it is the best chance for all to get benefit by this Ethernet switches.