Saturday, April 17, 2010

ViruthuNagar Porata Famous - Fried Porata

ViruthuNagar is a small District in Tamilnadu which is having many political famous because of King maker Kamaraj.  This is very very famous in one more thing also that is the Porata. People who are familiar with Tamilnadu knows this matter very well.

Usually Porata made up with Maida flour. The softness for this porata comes using eggs as well with its processing method. The Viruthunagar Porata is so crispy as it will be fried deeply in oil. The Chalna and the raw onion are the additional special thing for this porata. In most of the south Tamilnadu, evening hotel's main recipe is Porata

This porata will be used to increase the weight. If you have porata and Green Banana daily then you will surely become fat. The gym masters will suggest this porata to gain fat.

If you have chance to visit Viruthunagar or sivakasi don't forget to taste the special porata.