Thursday, April 1, 2010

Shoaib Malik Divorced his first Wife?

Shoaib Malik Divorced his first Wife?
  A very famous cricketer Shoaib malik and Tennis lady super star Sania Mirza announces their marriage on April 16 / april 17 th 2010. Some background information about them are following...
Shoaib Malik first wife
Shoaib malik first wife

Shoaib malik already married a girl named Ayesha Siddiqui, who is from Hyderabad. But he says that he is not a married person. He only got engagement with Ayesha Siddiqui. News Media strongly says that this statement about shoaib's marriage is true. This is from Shoaib side.

From Sania Mirza side, she got engaged with
Sohrab Mirza recently...

In this case, Shoaib malik did not get his divorce from his first wife... This leads Sania Mirza to be second wife to Shoaib malik...