Sunday, April 4, 2010

Mobile phone - a Glance

Mobile phone is an electronic device used for communication purposes. We can communicate the messages to one person to another person through mobile phones. In the recent past many of them uses mobiles. There so many competition and the companies coming up with an new model in every month, so many facilities like Short messaging Service (SMS) by passing the message  through Text from one mobile to another mobile, email facility  mostly business people will be gained through this facility, it have a access for Internet, gaming, Bluetooth, Infrared, Camera with Video recorder, MMS service, Photos, MP3 Player, Radios and all.
    Mobile phone are used for varies purposes including keeping in touch with families, friends, conducting business members and it will help in the event of emergency purposes. In the olden days it will very hard to keep in touch with friends but now days it is very easy to maintain the relationship with the friends and conveying the message from one another.
    Mobile phone generally obtains from rechargeable battery; charge the battery in the power, USB and portable batteries.
    The world largest subscriber is UK based Vodafone. Nokia is world largest manufacturer of mobile phones, next to that is Samsung, Sony Ericson, Motorola, LG Electronics, Apple, Siemens, Mitsubishi, Philips etc.,
    We should not use mobile phones while driving, because the person will get distracted and tend to met with an accident. Schools and colleges mobile phones are restricted because the lack of concentration on studies, cheating on the test, harassment and causing threats, and distraction of the students for gossip. Some government offices, public places and temple camera mobile phones are not allowed because of some anti-social activity. And it is scientifically proved that it will cause long-term health risk, the rays from the phone may cause the brains and ears.
    So use the mobile phones only at required places to avoid health related problems.