Monday, April 12, 2010



What is medical transcription??? Medical transcription is a method in which we transcribe medical record of a patient. A doctor dictates the patient's medical history in detail. The medical history consist of past medical history, past surgical history, medications, allergies, etc. It is a description of disease the patient had in the past and present.

How can we learn medical transcription?? There is a six-month or one-year training program in which they teach all the medical terms, grammar, typing, etc. In some companies they even provide stipend while we are in the training program. The people are well trained during this training program. They even provide us some sample files to type and get used to it.

There are many companies who provide training and they provide job too. We can do medical transcription as part-time also.

Medical transcription is just hearing to the doctor who dictates in "American Accent", type, and then send the file. The important things needed in medical transcription is:

1. Good English knowledge.
2. Good typing skills.
3. Good hearing power, etc.

These are the main and important things required for medical transcription.

Medical transcription is a very interesting job in which we come to know all types of diseases and we can be aware, so enjoy working as a medical transcriptionist.