Friday, April 2, 2010

Login to your BSNL modem

How to login to your BSNL Modem... This is the essential question to all of the BSNL users that they may have their modem in home/office. Usually the Type II modem provided by BSNL will be having 4 ports of ethernet and with WIFI feature.

Starting from the basic connection options to setting the password to your wifi modem. But many users may forget or don't know how to login to the modem...
This is very simple. Just make sure that you have switched on your modem as well it has connection with your laptop / computer. Then open the browser (Internet Explorer/ Firefox, Chrome, Safari)and type the following IP address in the address bar if the browserhttp:// .

Now you will be asking for the username and password... Just type the assigned username and password. By default BSNL providers set the username and password as admin. So play around with your modem. after applying the changes you need to restart your modem to make if visible.

(Please be sure what you are doing because some of the setting may made you to disconnect from internet...)

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