Friday, April 2, 2010

Free Education for children in India

"Free Education for India's Bright

Do you all know about the new step taken by our Indian government. It has taken up an excellent activity for developing our country and our future generations. For all the children government is going to provide free education from age 6 to 14th. It makes the children life brighter especially for the children from poor family who cant pay the fee.

Many of the bright children lost their career due to the poverty faced by them. Poverty forced them to stop study and made them to enter into work. Now such children can use this free education to develop their knowledge as well as career.

Our prime minister Dr.Mann Mohan Singh have declared this happy news to media. Indian government has taken up this step for eliminating child labor. Most of them became child labor because of the poverty. Now they can enjoy this free education so I request everyone to make awareness about this free education program to the poor people. So that poor people can utilize it in a good way...