Saturday, April 17, 2010

Frauds in Online internet Jobs

   Many online internet jobs advertising in attractive way to make more peoples to join. But is they giving the amount as they said? The answer for this question is mostly "NO".

   what is happening behind this kind of online jobs? What kind of frauds available in this?

Online jobs mainly focusing the Data conversion. Image conversion, Medical transcription, Clerical works and MLM , PPC and so on. In those, the countries who really don't have man power giving their work to other countries who have more man power (like India.. ) they expect the good English and small technical knowledge to complete their job. For that they are giving training also.
Once they have completed the training they will offer jobs. We should complete that in time & send that to them through online.

Here, no face to face interaction as well no security for stay as per the agreement. So many of the fraud peoples got the work from the innocent peoples without paying any money. Moreover they will ask us money to join such jobs... If they really need to finish the work why they need money from us ?  that money only their business. So don't believe any online jobs who asking money to join.

This is my kind advice as well learnt experience from my friends. so be aware about any online jobs.