Friday, April 9, 2010

Drugs sucking youngsters Life ...

Drugs sucking youngsters Life because DRUGS IN YOUNG GENERATION'S HAND...

What are drugs???

      Everybody knows the answer for this because it is playing a major role in youngsters.  In simple words, "drugs eat our life little by little."  Drugs attract the youngsters very well because they enjoy using it.  Once they use a drug, it is very hard for them to stop it and they cannot be without using them i.e. they become like a psycho when they do not use it.  There are many types of drugs.  Here are some listed below:

1.  Cigarette.
2.  Alcohol.
3.  Cocaine, etc.

      Cigarette is one of the common thing that is used both by men and women.  They enjoy themselves when smoking cigarettes, but they are not aware of the side effects of it.  Cigarettes are more dangerous to those who absorb the smoke and not the person who is smoking.  There are different types of diseases caused by them, example:  liver cancer, mouth cancer, etc.  Youngsters get used to cigarettes by looking at his or her father who smokes in front of them and they do not even mind who are nearby, so the children get eager and they too try cigarettes and they get addicted to it in a young age.

      Alcohol also plays a vital role and they are killers of many people. People say that they drink alcohol to get rid of worries and they drink it when they are happy.

For example:  People drink too much that they sleep on the road sides and sometimes they cannot even walk and they fall on the road which gives them shame.

      Cocaine is a very major drug than the cigars and alcohol.  Cocaine are inhaled through nose and mouth.  Cocaine is a drug which makes people unconscious and they forget themselves. This is a common drug which is used even in road sides.

      These drugs are mainly used by youngsters.  Youngsters are encouraged by the drug sellers who sell the drugs near schools, colleges, streets, etc.  They drugs sellers tell the youngsters all unwanted things and tell them to use it once, then they become very eager and they buy the drug and use it once, but after using it once, they will need it regularly, but they are not aware of it. 

      People using these drugs, please think of your family members and take a resolution to stop these types of drugs which is not good for your health as well as the people around you. There are many good things in this world to eat and use, lets make use of the good things and leave the unwanted drugs which harm our lives.

"Need Long Life???, Then leave Drugs...."

Shereen Mary Rodrigues