Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Drink Water before brush to Avoid Disease

Drinking more water in the morning is a very nice habit. This will not only make your body cool, it helps us to avoid many diseases. Those avoidable diseases are headache, body pain, Heart diseases, excess fat, womb, cancer, throat diseases.

Yes this is really true. Many doctors and physician telling us the same. But an interesting thing here is, some of them suggest drinking water before brush is more healthy.

But  I am having some doubts in this statement. When I was a small kid my teacher explained us with a chicken. She asked us to have some rice in mouth before sleep at night, In early morning if we spit that and any chicken eat that rice it will dead... That much of poison will form during nights. For that reason only all are suggesting before go to bed it is good to brush.

But science and many doctors are saying that before brush talking two glasses of water in a empty stomach is good... How come??
If anyone knows please clarify me...