Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Color Fishes - peaceful hobby

I still remember my school days when I have started to buy many color fishes from Aquarium. Usually I am my brother will save our pocket money for every week and my daddy will bring us to the Color Fish Aquarium. With that small amount (maximum 7rs or 10rs) we will buy a pair of color fish. That shop keeper will give small fishes also for free. I used to feed that fish on time and change the water regularly. Actually I had a small fish tank in my home.

I can surely say that really gave me more pleasure and whenever I got upset, I used to watch out that fishes for some minutes, my mind will get cool. Recently I bought the fish tank again. I have to purchase the color fishes soon. I could prefer the gold fish in my tank at first.

So friends I advise you to keep your mind with peaceful by diverting your thoughts in a peaceful hobby like Color Fishes...