Friday, April 16, 2010

Be Careful - Fraud in Petrol Bulk

Every one is having own vehicles, so we are all have to visit petrol bulk regularly is the mandatory one. But some of the petrol bulk people now doing frauds to earn money quickly.

Those frauds in Petrol Bulk are,
1. Not accurate measurement of Petrol
2. Mixing up duplicate petrol in their bulk
3. Cheating customers for money (change)
4. Forcing them to use Power Petrol
5. Even they have normal petrol they wont give that, they will force the vehicle owners to buy speed pertol / power petrol

Actually for these kind of things, you can go and give a complaint  in consumer court, as we are not getting petrol for free. We are paying more money for petrol, even though this kind of frauds should be stopped... If government strict on license for the petrol bulk as well the rules should be clear and strict will solve these kind if issues...