Saturday, April 17, 2010

Alexa Traffic Team for WebSite Traffic ...

Hi Friends, I am representing "Alexa Traffic Team" which is mainly to make your website with nice traffic always.

I found Alexa rank is very important in many aspects... Good Traffic + Good posting will give your website always higher page ranks...

So we made a team named "Alexa Traffic Team". myself and my friends (who are all looking for a job), made a team to take care your website traffic.

If you like to maintain your site always less than  10,00,000 to 5,00,000.

Payment Details to maintain your site with good traffic,

less than 10,00,000  ==> Monthly pay $6
less than  9,00,000  ==> Monthly pay $7
less than  8,00,000  ==> Monthly pay $8
less than  7,00,000  ==> Monthly pay $10
less than  6,00,000  ==> Monthly pay $12
less than  5,00,000  ==> Monthly pay $15

First time charge is to reduce your site from any to < 10,00,000 we are charging $10

Interested persons contact us through our mail: