Sunday, December 27, 2009

Great India - Upcoming

India has a promising future, given the unprecedented growth in economy and its clout in the global issues. India is now riding on the wave of a gigantic boom in computer driven new economy. Many developed countries of the world are seeking the huge pool of English speaking talented software professionals in India. Premier professional institutes like IIT and IIM have become the source of big international corporates' human resource need, both overseas and within India.

India is also a nuclear power. Its security concerns have been to some extent allayed by the possession of nuclear weapons, though fears remain of an expensive military expenditure to sustain the nuclear programs.

India is also poised to become the entertainment superpower. Already the Bollywood is churning out hundreds of films annually. With improvements in the technical and artistic aspects India can well give a stiff competition to western productions.

Indian culture is influencing the western world in dress, food and festivals. The Indian Diaspora is increasing in economic prosperity and status. The Indian community is a force to reckon with in every country because of its contribution to the country concerned. Indian lobby groups are funding partly some of the elections in vital countries of the world.

The 21st century could well belong to India if it fully utilize its resources and expertise. India's population is an asset and not a pull down factor. Finally India is going to prove just that.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Innovative ideas for business startup..

How to Become Air Traffic Controller
December 18, 2009
If you want to become an air traffic controller, you will need to follow the right path. You see, there are three paths for you to choose from. Make sure that you pick the right one so that you can already get the needed certification.
You must posses the traits of an air traffic controller because these can help you in passing the AT-CT training program.
How to Find Home Business Insurance
December 18, 2009
Do you have your own home based business? If you do, this is the perfect time to look for the most suitable home business insurance that you can also afford to pay. There are many options available for you and the only way to discover them is through research.
You will need to invest time and effort so that you can locate the best policies offering the most reasonable rates.
How to Expand a Business
December 18, 2009
Often the businessmen are puzzled with the thought of how to expand their business. Though initially they may start of well but in between the slight push is required to let the business move in the right direction.
There are a number of tips for expanding the business, which differ depending upon the type of business, money and time involved.
Best Business Check Writing Software
December 18, 2009
By having your own check writing tool in business, more money and time will be saved plus you will have professional looking documents. Know how to find the best business check writing software now.
A business check writing software can give so many advantages to the user especially when it comes to multiplying time and saving money.
How to Apply for Unemployment Benefits
December 18, 2009
In case that you lose your job, you can be eligible to receive unemployment benefits which is a state-provided assistance to laidoff and terminated workers who lost their jobs from any reason except misconduct. However, you should call your state’s Unemployment Insurance Office to know if you are qualified to receive benefits.
Due to recession and weak labor market, you may be worried about losing your job in case that your employer decides to layoff workers in an effort to reduce expenses. However, you should realize that you may receive temporary financial assistance in case that you lose job, allowing you to pay your bills and find a new employment opportunity.
Opening a Business Checking Account
December 18, 2009
Opening a business checking account is as easy as one-two-three. All you need to know is the proper steps and some tips to have more advantage in the business checking account that you have opened.
So you want to open a business checking account? Well, it is just easy and simple if you know the correct steps to follow.
How to Find Business Debt Consolidation Loan
December 18, 2009
Debt consolidation programs are pivotal for typical situations when one business houses look for genuine solution of their financial imbalances. Avoid typical situations by consolidating most of the previous loans of yours into one.
Such strategy helps you make business easygoing. Consolidate various loans into one by selecting single payment option. Analyse the possible choice and give business debt consolidation loans main preference.
About Maui Wowi Hawaiian Coffees & Smoothies franchise
December 18, 2009
Do you like Jamba Juice or Starbucks? Discover and explore the best of both as you look at the amazing franchise opportunities we are offering you. We can guide you in starting a Maui Wowi Hawaiian Coffees & Smoothies franchise today and you can rejoice in the edge of having smoothies mixed with Maui Wowi Hawiian coffees.
Maui Wowi Hawaiian Coffees & Smoothies was founded in 1983. This company has already experienced meteoric growth including almost 500 franchised units worldwide.
Starting a Pecan Farm
December 18, 2009
Starting a pecan farm is not only a good idea – it is a profitable one! These days, a lot of people are looking for pecan fruits and woods and you get to supply that demand if you have your own farm.
While mostly unknown to the public, the word “pecan” is actually an Algonquian word and it means a nut, especially a nut that’s so hard it requires a stone to crack it. The pecan tree is really huge it can grow up to 20 to 40 meters or 66 to 130 feet. In reality, those are just the minimal numbers because the tree can grow much taller than that.
Different Types of Insurance for Business
December 18, 2009
Experts believe that a solid commercial insurance coverage will significantly reduce the financial risks associated to handling a business. To make sure that an insurance policy is extensive and can be effective in protecting the assets and finances of a business, this should provide coverage for property damages, liability, and worker’s compensation.
Insurance policy is very important for any business as it protects the equipment, buildings, supplies, and other assets while reducing certain financial risks always associated with handling a business.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Xperia delayed again....:)

It has been quite a while since Sony Ericsson officially announced the Windows Mobile powered Xperia X2. The highly awaited successor to the Xperia X1 was supposed to be on sale by now. However, true to Sony Ericsson tradition, the handset is seeing delays in its launch. In fact, the phone is now expected to be launched only by the first week of January.

Apparently, the device is still under going a bug fix exercise and Sony Ericsson wants everything to be alright before the X2 is up for grabs. Many consider this to be the last Windows Mobile powered device from the Swedish manufacturer who seems to have found Android to be the OS of choice for its upcoming smartphones. Apart from being one of the first phones to run Windows Mobile 6.5, it might also be the first Windows Mobile device to sport an 8.1 megapixel camera and bringing hordes of multimedia prowess to the otherwise staid and businesslike platform. The arrival of Windows Mobile 6.5 means that the X2 will ship with Microsoft Office Mobile, Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync and Internet Explorer Mobile preloaded. The X2 also boasts of the new SlideView feature, which provides quick access to frequently used phone activities.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Libya archeology

Found off the coast of Libya, archeologists are pleased to announce the discovery of the submerged ruins of a Roman city dating back to the 2nd century AD. It is the belief that the city fell victim to an earthquake and tsunami known to have struck the region in 365 AD. In this article, you will also encounter what looks to be evidence that the Vikings had their own system of recycling.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hottest Temperature.... EL AZIZIA, LIBYA

How Hot is Hot?
There are many places on earth that are plenty hot - record-breaking hot. In fact, there's a good chance on the day this record-breaking temperature was recorded by a meteorological station in El Azizia in 1922 there were other places hundreds of miles away that were even hotter. In all likelihood, this record temperature has been exceeded since then in many places on earth, but we have no official records of the temperatures. It is important to note that when atmospheric temperatures are recorded it is not the surface temperature, where it can sometimes reach 150° F/ 66° C, but rather the air temperature at about 5 feet (1.6 m) above the surface in an enclosed shelter. Of course, it's important that the temperature sensor is not exposed to direct sunlight - the shelter is louvered to permit air flow across the sensor. Most humans don't 'hang out' where some of the hottest tempertatures on earth are regularly experienced so there aren't a lot of meterological stations in these places to reliably record extreme temperatures.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

6th pay commission latest urgent news...

6th pay commission latest urgent news

August 18: 6th pay commission is approved by cabinet, without any major changes in original sixth pay commission report. No change in grade pay announced.

Till yet govenment has not given hint for DA applicable for modified 6th pay commission report.

After Union Government its now the turn of various State Government. May states have announced the implementation of 6th Pay Commission in their respective states. UP, Haryana, Tamilnadu, West Bengal have already announced the implementation. It is hoped the majority of the states will announce the implementation this month itself.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

End of the World - 2012

2012 has been a superstition to be the "End of the World" in many cultures around the world. One of the major evidence to be found is from the writings of the Mayan culture. The Mayans were brilliant artist of studying astrology and predicting events around the world. For some reason their calendar ends in the year 2012 A.D. which has brought up many suspicions. Are you ready for a major catastrophic event if it was to happen in your local area or to your family? It is always better to be safe then sorry, some have even published major catastrophe survival guides to help aid others in advance.

Could it be that there is some sort of catastrophic event to occur in the year 2012? Or is this some sort of superstition similar to the Y2K controversy? This is my article which will be updated and revised periodically for the sole purpose of letting society be aware of what could come or what is to come.
I will pull out a number of evidence and facts I found to support my article. I am in a neutral position of what could happen. Because why would I want the world to end? I would rather be prepared of what could possibly happen rather then deny what could happen. This should not scare others but bring awareness of what man kind could fall into.
The "End of the World" is stated in the Bible, in Nostradamos's prophecies, and even in Mayan culture. There are a number of websites dedicated for the "2012 End of the World" concept which has brought a lot of debate on the table. SatansRapture is one website that offers a number of information about the predictions. The site speaks of a large comet that could travel through our solar system causing catastrophic world changes. Some call it Planet X and others call it Nibiru . Supposedly this comet is larger than Jupiter and if it ever passes through our solar system it could cause planet Earth to shift the world's polar axis which could cause severe weather conditions such as tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, and climate changes. But, that is not simply enough to convince any normal reader that this could be true.

Well, if some website made by a proclaimed doomsday fan just brings skepticism then what about Nasa? What can Nasa tell us about Nibiru? Check this out, Nasa claims to have found another planet Nasa Site.
However, a simple chance of a comet colliding with the Earth is still possible but also slim. It has happened before and it’s more the possible to happen again. Could mankind be ready for this? Some engineers are developing nuclear warheads to use specifically on large objects that could collide with the Earth.
But, let’s forget about the comet theory for a bit. There are other hazardous things that could destroy life as we know it. The issue of "Global Warming" should not be neglected and be taken very seriously. However with natural "green" energy us humans could reverse global warming by installing natural energy into our own homes How to Build Solar Energy which is just one of many examples to control global warming. With the whole "green house effect" and temperatures rising every year the world will witness weather changes that could be irreversible. Would anyone believe that this could be the first time in human history where the North Pole will melt away completely by the end of summer? Could this play a role in "2012 End of the World" theory or possibly later on? I found an article about it located here if anyone is interested....North Pole gone by the end of summer.

So let’s say "Global Warming" never causes any catastrophic events and amazingly people like Al Gore helps contribute to reverse it and humans go about their daily lives like nothing happened. We are forgetting other problems that could destroy us. Political tensions and the wars in the Middle East play a big role in the survival of human kind.
With the wars going on in the Middle East many believe it could get worse. How long has the war with Iraq been going on for? I remember just being a college student of the age of 20 years old when America first started bombing Iraq. And that was years ago. Sure, America has accomplished a lot in Iraq but there is a huge debate on what the main reason for the invasion to begin with. From what I remember there was supposedly "weapons of mass destruction" in Iraq. No weapons of mass destruction were found. And Iraq did not play a role in 9/11 either. But, I believe 9/11 triggered one of the reasons to invade Iraq as a purpose for "war against terrorism".

Either way it’s too late to point fingers at this time. There are issues in Afghanistan that need to be taken care of as well. Many lives have been taken, and I hope it’s not in vain. I wish someday that the world could be at peace and let everybody live their own lives equally in respect. The major issue I would like to bring up is Nuclear Weaponry. We have made threats or what others could call ultimatums against North Korea and Iran to cease any further nuclear weaponry. Iran will not give up and simply laughs at America. And honestly if we ever invaded Iran it would be more difficult then Iraq was. North Korea however eventually cooperated with America and destroyed any Nuclear development. Are you ready for a potential nuclear war or even another World War?
These military guides could come in handy visit 1000 military guides.
What would happen if two counties decided to bomb each other with Nuclear warheads? The effects would be everlasting and could take many lives for years to come. A nuclear explosion is equal if not stronger then the temperature of the Sun. And the radiation a nuclear bomb puts off could affect surrounding areas for a very long time. This results in cancer caused by radiation and many lives slowly fading away. A large enough nuclear bomb could cause an artificial winter destroying plant life and animals that depend on this type of food source. It's all a chain reaction that has nothing but negative effects.

Now another pandemic disease outbreak is on the potential rise with new virus's such as the Swine Flu and the Bird Flu. Could this be another sign of the apocalypse? Humans have witnessed and outlived pandemic outbreaks before in the past with the black plague, malaria, smallpox, Aids, etc. However, this doesn't mean that there could be a potential worldwide outbreak that could infect millions if not billions. Even if something such as the Swine Flu was to infect at least 1/3 of the world's population, then I believe it would be something that could not be contained at that point. It is scary to think about how a virus could mutate into something that our natural immune systems could not fight against. Be aware of what the Swine Flu and Bird Flu are exactly and how you can protect yourself and your family against infection please take a quick look at Swine Flu and Bird Flu Survival Guide.

And what is up with the Economy people?!?! Seriously, America and most of the world is in an economic mess that is going to take quite some time to get out of. How does this happen to begin with? Who is to blame? How do we get out of it? Many people would speculate that Ex. President Bush got America into economic depression but really can you put all the blame on just one person? I think not! People are using too much resources and everything is becoming more expensive each day. We are spending too much in the West while the East is saving up so that puts an imbalance on the economy? The reality is, America is borrowing money from other countries like China and soon enough the American dollar will lose its value further. I can't even begin to talk about what else is going on but if you want to ride the economic tsunami and survive this depression please visit Economic Survival Guide.
So, as much as I love this life and enjoy the planet we lay upon there plays a lot of risk living here. Some of the risk we can't prevent and others we can prevent. To reduce the risk is an easier living then what could be. Whatever happens in 2012 I hope it’s not the "End of the World" The world is a beautiful place and we should treat it as a gift that could not be replaced. I hope that everyone realizes the reality of our situation as today is here and tomorrow is never guaranteed. And please folks lets all contribute on preventing "global warming" by installing natural energy into our homes. Natural Energy Resources

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Get your dog a sombrero